Margerit Michell

The Actress

MARGERIT-MICHELL-PORTRAIT-ACTRESS-swIn her latest US Movie Margerit Michell appeared in the american Hollywood Movie <THE MARTIN> produced by Joseph T. Spence, Veritas Film, in Nashville Tennessee and in the US Hollywood Movie Comedy < SPARKLE & TOOTER> produced by Wald Fordman,Tullanoma Tennessee U.S.A.

Some of the Films that she has to her acting credits in Germany are :
TV ZDF Film <Our Charly> ; TV NDF Film <Kidnapping Mom & Dad>; TV Film ZDF <Kommissar Sperling>TV Film ZDF <Die Tote aus Vilnius>(role the singing angel ) ; - and the TV Serie 3SAT <Gallery Buecher>.

She was also featured in a TV <Portrait about “ MARGERIT ”…das Goldkelchen> !- on the TV FAB Show <Faces of A World City> in Berlin, Germany and Funkausstellung (Funk -Exhibition ) in Berlin .
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