Margerit Michell

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           M  a r g e r i t   M i c h e l l
           Referenzen & Credits:

-          Worldtour as Music –Entertainer with her unique One Woman Music-Shows

-          International Concerts as Soloist and Co-Star with worldclass Bands

-          First Class Entertainer for worldwide Seatours – registered in the < Seamans

            Records Book , Commonwealth of the Bahamas 

-          Singer accompanied by Bands and Soloist of legendary Stages , around the globe

-          Show Star and Chanson - Singer in legendary Hotels around the world  

-          Co-Star with international Artists < Cirque du Soleil>  …….  

-          Guest-Star of international Airlines

 -          Singer & Entertainer of the world best and  leading Automobilcompanies

-          Singer & Entertainer for Industrie, Economy , Sport, Health and Culture Events

-          Guest Star in TV Shows in Germany and TV Show in U.S.A.

-          Film & Screen Actress in German TV – Film Series and in Hollywood Movies U.S.A.

-          German Award and Show Media Prize & German Show Trophae 2008

-          nominated for the international Show Prize 2010

-          U.S. TV Show - Singer,Songwriters < Hall of Fame > live in Nashville Tennessee 

-          Worldwide TV Shows , Radio Interviews , Concerts, Events and CD Presentations












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